Kris Fuehr The Quincy GroupKris Fuehr spent her initial career in technology and marketing after receivng her MBA from University of Washington Foster School of Business. After a 13-year Microsoft run, she began working with small businesses, hosting workshops and acting as Director of Marketing for several startups.


Kris was the winning team’s leader in the 2008 Startup Weekend, a competition where teams race to build a viable product and company within a 48-hour deadline, and in 2014, Kris was a finalist on Shark Tank. She also contributed to a book about understanding the vital signs of business health which is currently used as part of the official curriculum at the UW: 

Pulse: Understanding the Vital Signs of Your Business.


Kris has been consulting and connecting buyers and sellers for over 8 years, and specializes in service businesses, industrial/manufacturing, and niche companies. You can email Kris via Her mobile number is 425-830-0867.