Top Row: Fred Canada, Pat Detmer. Second Row: Beth Snider. Diana Sullivan, Jetta LaRiviere. Bottom Row: Alan DeWitt. Chris Ulin, Kris Fuehr

The Quincy Group, founded in 2003, consists of mature, highly experienced former business owners and corporate executives with expertise in sales, marketing, finance, and management. We have brokers who can walk you through the step-by-step process of defining an exit strategy and putting your business on the market, or who can assist you in transitioning your business to a different form of ownership.

Our first hour of consultation is at no cost. Call one of our associates for an appointment.


Presentations and Seminars


We are available to present “Staging Your Business for Transition or Sale” and “How to Read and Understand Your Financial Statements” seminars to groups. Call Fred Canada with presentation requests in the Seattle area, and contact Diana Sullivan for Portland.


Where We Do Business


We operate in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Alaska.



We can help you grow and sell your business.