1. Financial figuresDon’t think of buying your own business as a way to get out of “working for the man” You will be “the man!”

2. Expect that for the first few years, when you stand up from your chair, you’ll bring it with you. Pressure does that.

3. Don’t think that because you’re a “SuperWorker” that you’re made to run your own business.

4. Don’t think that you need to have a big wad of cash to get into a small business (although it doesn’t hurt …)

5. Make a list of businesses types that you think you might like to pursue so that you’re not flying blind when you decide to take action.

6. Find others further down this road than you are. Talk to them. Do research. Stop by a business like the one you’d like to purchase and talk to the owners.

7. Talk to your accountant. If you don’t have one, find one. Don’t wait until you have a deal put together to find a good business accountant.

8. Get your personal fiscal world in order, because that information will be needed to qualify you for a loan. Go to a bank ahead of time and find out what size loan you might qualify for.

9. Find a lawyer. If you don’t have a good business lawyer, we can refer you to one. This is something that we never had nor needed before owning our own businesses.

10. Consider calling The Quincy Group. We’ll provide you with an hour’s consultation free.